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Collect super
rare hornbills

Majestic, rare
but endangered

Hornbills are known as the farmers of the
forest and help reproduce the trees
They have been around for 19 million years and
their days on this planet is officially numbered
They represent our mission to normalize
green mining and promote sustainability


  • Snapshot AFIN holders
    for whitelisting

  • Genesis Hornbill Launch on NFT marketplace

  • Your Hornbill Matters art competition with 1 ETH prize
  • 72 hours after all
 Hornbills have been minted, the winner of Hornbills Experience 
will be announced.
  • Rarity Guide

  • Legendary Hornbills charity auction

  • 3D snapshot of Legendary Hornbill holders
  • Legendary Hornbill morph 2D to 3D asset

  • Launch of Morph Potion

  • NFT staking benefits in AFIN ecosystem such as EV discount and green tourism advantage
  • AFIN Coin + NFT Holder snapshot for new NFT whitelist

  • Launch AFIN NFT
    second collection

  • Raffle Prize
  • AFIN Buyback and Burn

  • 3D Biosphere showroom to host NFT collection

  • Grow your forest by AFIN usage and staking