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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AFIN and how does it work?

AFIN aims to tackle the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment by utilizing pure renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy to mine Bitcoin.

Since setting up and owning your mining rig is a tedious and expensive process, we are introducing AFIN staking where participants can simply buy and stake AFIN tokens and in turn will be rewarded with Bitcoin. These BTC rewards will be called “Green BTC” a bitcoin that is mined from clean energy such as solar, wind, and hydro.

Are there any burning mechanics in place?

Placing burning mechanics is still too early.

Our max supply is set to 500million, and we are following a strict vesting timeline that you could check here on our homepage under the Tokenomics section.

Is the project Audited?

Yes, our smart contract is fully audited by “Thai Chain”.

The audit report could be viewed here: https://github.com/thaichain/thaishield-reports/blob/main/Afin%20Token%

Which exchanges are you listed?

We are currently on: Zipmex, P2PB2B, LATOKEN, CREX24, UNISWAP and PancakeSwap.

More listings coming very soon!

What is your Roadmap?

The roadmap will evolve and change as we discover, and implement new user-centric approaches on sustainability to the platform that will broaden our reach to serve more to the community and the world.

A detailed description of our roadmap could be found on our homepage on the Project Roadmap section.