Asia’s Sustainable Cryptocurrency

AFIN Coin aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and sustainability, allowing users to be involved in cryptocurrency whilst being socially and environmentally responsible and accountable at the same time. Essentially, it is a cryptocurrency with a conscience. Along with staking for Green Bitcoin, bitcoin mined using clean energy such as solar, wind, hydroelectric.


Problem & Solution
Sustainability in Crypto

Bitcoin mining is not from

renewable energy.

As many know, Bitcoin is currently not being mined using clean energy sources in Asia, Bitcoin miner rarely powered by wind, hydro and solar energy. Staked AFIN will be rewarded with Bitcoin mined with renewable energy (Green Bitcoin), which are trackable on the Bitcoin blockchain.

There is a lack of discussion on 

sustainability within cryptocurrencies.

Currently, sustainability and being environmentally-friendly is not associated with cryptocurrencies. AFIN will connect these two sectors together in order to allow users to become more sustainable and reward them for doing so.

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Green Bitcoin

Be part of Green Bitcoin mining


Our Coin at a Glance
what we do

AFIN Coin allows its holders and its community to be able to receive and utilize “Green Bitcoin”, a bitcoin which is mined from clean energy. AFIN’s ecosystem will revolve around connecting the usage of AFIN Coin with the environment and sustainable development. 

coin founded

May 2018

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 Company History  Timeline

Staking for a Sustainable Future
Buy, stake, mine, enjoy


You can buy AFIN Coin on an exchange.


You can stake AFIN to earn Green Bitcoin.


Your staked AFIN will be used to mine Bitcoin using 100% clean energy.


Enjoy your earnings and receive NFTs.

Staking for a Sustainable Future


150,000 AFIN staked 


  • Earn 0.1 BTC

  • Staking period of 6 months

  • Bitcoin mined from clean energy 

  • Receive Garden NFT 



550,000 AFIN staked 


  • Earn 0.5 BTC

  • Staking period of 6 months

  • Bitcoin mined from clean energy. 

  • Receive Farm NFT 



1,000,000 AFIN staked


  • Earn 1 BTC

  • Staking period of 6 months

  • Bitcoin mined from clean energy. 

  • Receive Rainforest NFT 

AFIN Ecosystem
Towards a Sustainable Ecosystem

AFIN Coin is currently listed on


AFIN Roadmap
Towards a sustainable future

Meet The Team

Assaf Amitay

Project Leader,

Head of Technology

Assaf is a very high performance leader. With comprehensive background in finance and tech, he promotes the product as well as the business development domain, and also few other field. Assaf is shape minded, and has the rare ability to turn almost every challenge into opportunity.

Christina  Ruth  Ham 

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Head of Marketing 

Christina has been the head of marketing and business development in many global corporations over the years. She can understand the needs of clients and plan the strategic way to serve their best interest as well as company interest.

Vladimir F. Foy-os

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Head of Communication 

Vlad vision is to be medium in advocating a financial system based on trust. He is a dynamic and self-motivated business community manager, Vlad is responsible for managing AFIN Global community, as well as developing business partners.

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Jason Hung

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Chief Advisor

Jason founded ICA (International Consensus Association) since 2018, rated as top People of Blockchain and top ICO expert/advisor. He is a serial entrepreneur and consultant in software, blockchain, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. Before ICA founded, he was CEO@Chidopi, CTO@CAMP, VP@iSoftStone and managing consultant@PeopleSoft (Oracle).

James Moore

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James is a Business Consulting Manager with 7+ years of experience in Consulting with well-honed skills in Strategy and Performance Optimization (People and Process based solutions). He has worked and managed various performance improvement and human resource transformation projects. 

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Illana Elkaim

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 Illana has 5 years of experience in startups and Partnerships. She is passionate about people and contributing to business growth. She spent the last 2 years helping growing LEADERS presence internationally through developing long-lasting relationships across the globe, strategic planning, and a strong data-oriented approach.



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